10 days today!

2014-01-22 08.48.46Happy to announce the arrival of our little baby girl. Please notice the French manicure!

All the best in the New Year 2014 to Kimono Lamps dear customers!

Custom orders will be accepted again in September. Lampshades listed in our Etsy shop are available to order anytime.


Christmas at Kite Design Studios

Kite - design and craft in Waterford, Ireland

Snapshots from Kite Studios 3 weeks before Christmas 2013.

Delighted to be part of First Flight at Kite and MADE in Waterford group!

Come and see Kimono Lamps being made here in the run up to Christmas. Lots of buzz around and really warm and cosy thanks to glass furnace – since glass is actually made here. Orders are being madly wrapped, boxed and shipped as I’m typing. It feels very much like the Santa’s busy factory on the north Pole, all creative ‘elves’ involved, can be seen busily working on their designs.

Pop in if you’re looking for gift ideas for your loved ones or – for yourself! – See Irish Handmade Glass baubles, Lutsia’s cosmic ties, Cats Melodjan’s t-shirts, Sharon Fleming’s ceramic decorations, gorgeous felted jewellery by Ann Whitty of AnnMade, Button & Co. precious charms, Kimono Lamps (of course!) – plus so much more!

Outside is the Winterval – Waterford Winter Festival – now in full swing – with Christmas market – plenty of mulled wine, hot chocolate, mince pies and other goodies.

Snowing or not – here we are.

Kite Studios are located in a dedicated building next to Christ Church Cathedral, where many a viking marched centuries ago; right opposite the house where Raymond Chandler, the crime fiction writer lived as a child.

Come and find us:

Kite Design Studios, 11 Henrietta Street, Viking Triangle, Waterford, Ireland.

Kimono Lamps named one of the top 10 lighting exhibitors of 100% Design by Achica Living!

It’s been a month since the exhibition and we are happy to say Kimono Lamps are now available from a design boutique in the centre of Paris. Paris, Paris Paris! And more shops still are ordering.

Kimono Lamps were also named one of the top 10 lighting exhibitors of 100% Design by Achica Living:

Trade fairs and exhibitions offer a great opportunity to test a product. We were positively surprised by the reaction to Kimono Lamps lampshades. Especially the warm reception from the Japanese visitors has been as marvellous as unexpected.

We talked to visitors from all over the world – from Norway and from Kuwait; from Germany and Hong Kong and we felt we provided a competitive product to other lighting solutions present and that we fitted in with our original offering. That bit of confidence gained in a hub of European design was priceless for a small creative business that we are.

Big thanks to all the kind bloggers who wrote about us!

Interest from bloggers during the show resulted in a number of blog post written from a dedicated lounge within the pavilion labelled ‘Bloggers Only’ where they could enjoy some peace and quiet to do their work.
Some examples that we are aware of in the English language include:

Short YouTube video showing at Kimono Lamps stand:

Apart from being included in the official 100% Design guide book, website and social media, in the run up to the event, Kimono Lamps were also featured in Scottish and Russian press.

We are looking forward to the printed interior magazines editions as these take longer to turn out – recently we were contacted by an Australian magazine editor for product images as a result of their colleague seeing our London stand.

While in London, every evening we had dinner in a different restaurant, so plentiful around Earl’s Court. While sampling Japanese, Indian, Thai and Italian cuisine we discussed the events of the day, before heading back – exhausted – to our hotel situated just minutes from the Earl’s Court 2 pavilion, its very tall windows overlooking a strange mixture of green and industrial space inhabited by a bunch of hyperactive English chipmunks.

Would I do it again next year? I’d love to. But yet I know I won’t. Partly because it was so perfect due to – no doubt – beginner’s luck, which may not be there next year. But another, more important reason will unravel shortly in the coming posts.

See you next week!

Kimono Lamps lampshadeLast week, as the courier took away all boxes containing the exhibits, the props and the countless bits and bobs you can’t do without while building up your stand, my 2.5 year old who loves getting involved and being helpful handed him the last package with usual sense of mission.

I thought of all the people who helped us in our preparations for this event.

My husband Adam, my local Waterford City Enterprise Board with Ms Jacqui Gaule, my boss of many years – Marcus Notley, designer of Ireland’s largest crystal chandelier – who helped me immensely sharing his expertise in exhibition design, my god-sent graphic designer sister Barbara, my fantastic Japanese supplier and all those without whom Kimono Lamps participation wouldn’t be possible – namely – my lovely customers!

Thank you all!

While my procrastinating repeatedly got me stuck in nordic noir for pure escapism – there’s no running away from the fact that, as it stands now, it really looks like we’re all set for 100% Design.

See you in London next week! Earls Court, 18 – 21 September.

Come and view our latest lampshades.

We’ll have a real kimono there, stand D41 in the Emerging Brands section.

Kimono Lamps to exhibit at 100% Design in London

100%Studying to become a Product Designer, exhibiting at 100% Design in London one day was something I promised myself to try and accomplish.

100% Design, held every September in EarlsCourt, London is officially UK’s largest design trade event with over 25,000 visitors including architects, interior designers, retailers and designers. The event is held between the 18-21 September and is the biggest event during the London Design Festival. 100% Design is expected to attract over 30,000 visitors in 2013.

That’s why I’m so excited making this announcement. Even though it’s been a while since my participation has been confirmed –

I still can’t believe it’s happening!

I’ll keep you posted about preparations.

You May Kiss The Bride!

wedding kimono, TokyoWe stumbled upon this scene (a wedding fair? a rehearsal?) in Kyoto and were so hooked we forgot all about the Ginkakuji Temple and other things we were to see that day.

Here are some lampshades I made with wedding kimonos.

If only these embroideries could speak!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA– Would look fabulous on a crystal lamp base, don’t you think?

The bride shook her fringe – ‘Yes, it would’ – she said and for a moment immersed herself in the memories of that day – with guests arriving early and the butterflies in her stomach when he looked at her, painted white from head to toe, as was the custom 30 years ago, wearing that bridal kimono her father spent a fortune on – she knew it was worth it.

Many years on – it still was.

An alternative resume

Participating in a business course lately turns out to be not only about figures.

I had a chance to experience that first hand as all participants were asked to write what at first seemed like an alternative entrepreneur’s (but not only!) CV.

Here’s what I wrote in a frenzy after a prolonged blank stare at the sheet of paper first –      What I’ve learned and where:

From my mother and my husband – optimism – there’s always a 3rd solution to solve the problem.
From hobbies and activities – as a Polish native, I’ve learned a lot of my English by loving to read, write and talk about it (book club!)
In my private life I felt I am capable of practically anything in the world when I had my baby. Multitasking and time management skills are part of the package. Also, I discovered that if you really want something very badly – it actually happens!
In my professional life – making visuals, designing products, improving products, writing descriptions, recognising and understanding customers’ needs.
At college – I’ve learned to use 2D and 3D software. And also – that commitment is crucial for project completion, as non commitment was immediately evident at the end of term shows.
As a teenager – that I can live through a lot without ever leaving the house. In case you’re concerned – I also learned to make friends around that time.
At school I discovered my love for reading, making things and painting.

As I wrote all that, and as everyone at the table started sharing their stories I suddenly felt the room was filling with wealth of experience, skills and motivation.

Try it now! How? By looking back at your life – what have you learned?:

  • – at school?

  • – as a teenager?

  • – at college?

  • – in your first…second job?

  • – in your private life?

  • – with your hobbies, activities?

  • – from your parents?

How would your friends, colleagues and family describe you?

Have you written it all down? How does it make you feel?