The first box

Just at the beginning of December last a girl I met years ago while hitchhiking in Ireland has expressed her interest in one of the lampshade. How did we keep in contact? – the mighty Facebook made it possible. Pernille and I have both studied, graduated and started working since. She’s working for a Danish radio while writing crime fiction. The first and only Scandinavian crime author personally known to me! – and I’m mad into the genre! We decided to go ahead and do an experimental posting of a lamp shade from Ireland to Denmark. Least to say – I didn’t sleep at all before the package finally landed inĀ  Copenhagen 2 weeks before Christmas; the only available postal tracking update still stuck at ‘dispatched from London’. Here’s a photo taken by the happy recipient upon arrival, slightly indented but in one piece: Hallelujah!

lamp shade upon arrival



New Year in high resolution

…and best intentions. And hopes. Mostly hopes.

No low res images. Has to be looked into, seriously, as you must have noticed. A decent photoshoot. By the way, being me I can’t stop using the apps available for styling photos. For a long time I thought you can only alter your pics in Photo(yawn)shop, if you have no IPhone. It was only until I discovered you can actually play with them online using Picnik. That’s how I ‘adjusted’ my blog banner for example.

Hoping to post worldwide soon. Still looking forward to coming live as they promised but no. They’re probably working on their resolutions too. Oh, but their sample website looks so pretty! Alternatively I could start using Etsy. Or use both. I’ll wait and see.

But most of all I hereby resolutely announce to be a regular blogger!