Kimono Lamp

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This lamp belongs to a customer who used to live in Japan. She then moved back to Ireland bringing this beautiful traditional lamp base with her.

The base has waited years for the matching lampshade I custom made recently choosing the kimono fabric and the size of the shade in proportion to the base. What do you think of this?



Last week I met him in B&Q garden centre. His name is George Henry Kern and it was love at first sight. I introduced him to my husband Adam and it was agreed he’s going to move in with us right away. Our lovely neighbour Barbara kindly agreed to look after him using her green fingers. He mightn’t have survived long otherwise.

Apparently Magnolias were on the planet millions of years before us. There are many varieties but George Henry Kern is going to grow as high as 3 metres. It will look more and more splendid every year in our little cul-de-sac against the listed stone wall. This way I can look at him every time I look out of the window while working on another kimono lampshade upstairs

And you know what? – It’s native to sunny slopes in damp areas of central Honshu, Japan!

I love magnolias and the movie, too. The director, Paul Thomas Anderson is said to admit this: “I really feel… That Magnolia is, for better or worse, the best movie I’ll ever make.” – I think that’s quite a statement from someone who had only been 29 at the time and a whole career ahead. He then went on and filmed ‘There Will Be Blood’ amongst other things.

Still a student, I remember leaving the cinema in Krakow one evening having seen Magnolia first time. It was early spring 12 years ago. I started crying uncontrollably in the street for no good reason other than something in the story just touched me unexpectedly and caused this catharsis.

I suspect Aimee Mann’s songs for the film must have had something to do with it too:


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Kimono Lamps can now be viewed at Muse on the Quay in Waterford! Have a look at their window display if you’re in town before Easter (or after!). I ran down there one glorious morning last week – it felt like the middle of the Summer – with a box full of lampshades. Met some friends on the way there as everybody seemed to be out and about taking a chance on the weather.

Muse Boutique is a place I fantasize about very often – namely – that it is my very own walk-in wardrobe! I try not to pass the place too often for it’s very hard to resist the stuff once you’re inside. I adore the style of the clothes, the big comfy fitting rooms, their chaise lounge and the scent of perfume and silk above it all.