Work in Progress

Postage and Packaging anyone?

Here’s what it takes to get your parcel safely to you. We’re probably missing one of me running to the nearby post office with it, remembering that they close for lunch. I forgot a couple of times…

If, however, you are marvelling at the wooden floor in the background instead, let me explain that despite looking more than rough it has a luxurious silken feel to it.

When we moved into this house (and the building is over 120 years old) we discovered these planks under artificial dirty carpet. We couldn’t believe anyone could have preferred it to wood. We didn’t!

It took an awful lot of work, copious amounts of dust and power tool noise (mostly belt sander) to uncover beautiful, clear raw planks. We stained  and coated them with fantastic waterbased Diamond laquer so now we can keep it clean easily and roll on it with Arthur.

…Or package your lampshade for you, voila!


Let Them Eat Cakes!

My Birthday Tea Party invitations

Came up with the above after my first ever day at the races. Tramore Racecourse held a Vintage Tea Party event with make up, hair styling and much more. I had a pleasure to attend courtesy of Adam’s boss and we both enjoyed it immensely, winning our first ever bets due to beginner’s luck no doubt.

So now, my birthday approaching, why not celebrate it properly – I thought -with an outdoor party for friends with or without teddy bears – weather permitting of course. Found a venue (JFK Arboretum, Co. Wexford), confirmed spaces and took a short card making exercise at preparing these impressive yet only very little time consuming (due to clever design from Country Living) invites.

Instead of buying glassine bags I made my own out of parchment paper. For the envelopes I used brown paper meant for recycling and the colourful little teapots are cut out of some leftover kimono silk with pinking shears.

I couldn’t decide between vintage English or Alice in Wonderland/ Queen of Hearts party theme. So went in between and asked guests to come up with creative head attires, including rabbit ears. Looking forward to it now!

Vintage Tea Party at Tramore Races – loved the assorted Wedgwood fine china tea cups and saucers and champagne served in Waterford crystal glasses.
Photos by Vintage Trig and Tramore Racecourse