Visit Kimono Lamps @ Self Build Exhibition!

Kimono Lamps at SelfBuild & Improve Your Home Exhibition in Citywest Hotel, Dublin; 14 -16 September 2012.

Exhibiting part of Design Island group, thanks to Noel Whelan of Noel Whelan Furniture Design.

Kimono Lamps next to Druid Cabinet by Noel Whelan

Noel’s deadpan humour and generosity are almost proverbial (I am saying this as his employee of many years) and about as famous as the craftsmanship of his furniture.

His pieces feature in private collections as well as corporate boardrooms of companies such as IBM, Genzyme and Abbott. Everything he makes is made to order and he’s Ireland’s leading furniture designer.

He also makes shortbread biscuits and shares them at teatime.

When he offered to share his stand with me and another designer – I was delighted!

We took off in his van on a Thursday morning, followed two detours on our way to Dublin and as a result the Design Island pavilion managed by Shane Holland and sponsored by was almost ready when we got there.

We grabbed some lunch on the way back – Kimono Lamps had Sushi.


Meet the maker

making kimono lamps

As one can imagine, there’s usually more happening in the background while I work. And I don’t mean just tea and lyric fm radio.

But just to give you an impression as to what it feels like, the mess is gone from the picture. Because I see nothing else once I start working. I’m smiling like a baby to the concept of a finished lampshade in my head.

Stitching kimono fabric to the frame and seeing the new lampshade emerging is the part I enjoy most about the process.

Each new creation is my favourite… until the next one leaves my hands!

My friend Agnes, the owner of Vintage Trig took these.

Thanks a lot!