Japonica ‘bring on Spring’! finds

japonica I’ve found myself drifting into spring already. My inner one, of course, with rain here and snow elsewhere. Last week couldn’t even drive back home stuck in a flooded village.

So, Spring!
Presenters of my favourite radio station ambitiously trying to bring it on with the right choice of music only to apologise profusely for unsuccessful attempts.

Here’s my spring selection: velvety black quite prominent in it, as well as colourful blossoms.

From top left:

If this hasn’t changed the weather for you, the good news is you can still run home from the cold and wet (like I did from the flood) and make yourself a cup of tea. In your own time, in your own space. With your book of the moment. Isn’t that what we find appealing about cold places? – The ‘tea, quick! ‘ moments – think all day lashing Ireland versus cosy fireplace; outdoor Sweden versus Ikea fitted apartment.

And that’s even before the biscuits!

If this post hasn’t yet, this sure will make you smile: click and enter your name to see what Swedish furniture would you be;-)


Happy New Year Everyone!

sale blogAnd here’s to a great 2013 – enjoy the sale!

Thanks to all Kimono Lamps customers and viewers of these sites. You are an inspiration to try new ideas and pursue new horizons. Bear with me in 2013! May your homes shine and welcome you and  your loved ones when you open your eyes and when you come back exhausted. When you invite your friends over and when you find a moment of peace. Whether you sit down to relax, to work or to entertain – may you always enjoy what you see.

Winterval Waterford 2012

W collage

Winterval 2012 in Waterford city.

Many thanks to all who helped to keep the stand going despite my absence; especially to Paul Kirby and Grace Kiely, who shared the hut with me and to my friends Aska and Edyta.

Really enjoyed Winterval and it looked like the city was back to its glory for the duration of it. My little samurai had a great time on the train and visiting the toy museum. That he also nearly fell off the carousel – didn’t seem to bother him as much as his parents and the staff…