I’m coming to meet you my lovely stockists!

On the 14th of February I got into a car and drove to Dublin. On my own. For the first time.

I know, nothing special. But to me it was a major undertaking. My driving license should specify ‘for driving in Waterford county and south Kilkenny only’. You get the sense, I hope.

I did a careful research (thanks googleness for google maps and street view!) until I became a virtual expert on Red Cow Roundabout and still wouldn’t go anywhere near it without – in my case – many a life saving Samsung mobile phone sat nav.

Just think about it: I was going to meet the manager of a major lighting showroom in the capital and all I could think of was how to get there safely without bothering any of my supportive and generous friends. Like the last time, going to Dun Laoghaire when it snowed most of the way, with snow in Ireland so rare it causes a national havoc/holiday every time.

And I did. The day rose gorgeous. Perfect driving conditions. Dry, with sunshine (a national holiday!). I was surprised how easily I got there. Met both the manager and the friendly staff who all loved the shades and ordered some from me. Delighted with myself on the way back, I was home for lunch with the feeling that wherever I kick, roses sprout and birds tweet. And with all the love-themed tunes that day I hummed and danced all afternoon stitching kimonos fabrics for lampshades.

Came the evening, I spent it in a friend’s restaurant by the sea with the two men of my life, one of whom has recently turned 2 and gave me his first valentine card!