An alternative resume

Participating in a business course lately turns out to be not only about figures.

I had a chance to experience that first hand as all participants were asked to write what at first seemed like an alternative entrepreneur’s (but not only!) CV.

Here’s what I wrote in a frenzy after a prolonged blank stare at the sheet of paper first –      What I’ve learned and where:

From my mother and my husband – optimism – there’s always a 3rd solution to solve the problem.
From hobbies and activities – as a Polish native, I’ve learned a lot of my English by loving to read, write and talk about it (book club!)
In my private life I felt I am capable of practically anything in the world when I had my baby. Multitasking and time management skills are part of the package. Also, I discovered that if you really want something very badly – it actually happens!
In my professional life – making visuals, designing products, improving products, writing descriptions, recognising and understanding customers’ needs.
At college – I’ve learned to use 2D and 3D software. And also – that commitment is crucial for project completion, as non commitment was immediately evident at the end of term shows.
As a teenager – that I can live through a lot without ever leaving the house. In case you’re concerned – I also learned to make friends around that time.
At school I discovered my love for reading, making things and painting.

As I wrote all that, and as everyone at the table started sharing their stories I suddenly felt the room was filling with wealth of experience, skills and motivation.

Try it now! How? By looking back at your life – what have you learned?:

  • – at school?

  • – as a teenager?

  • – at college?

  • – in your first…second job?

  • – in your private life?

  • – with your hobbies, activities?

  • – from your parents?

How would your friends, colleagues and family describe you?

Have you written it all down? How does it make you feel?


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