Kimono Lamps to exhibit at 100% Design in London

100%Studying to become a Product Designer, exhibiting at 100% Design in London one day was something I promised myself to try and accomplish.

100% Design, held every September in EarlsCourt, London is officially UK’s largest design trade event with over 25,000 visitors including architects, interior designers, retailers and designers. The event is held between the 18-21 September and is the biggest event during the London Design Festival. 100% Design is expected to attract over 30,000 visitors in 2013.

That’s why I’m so excited making this announcement.¬†Even though it’s been a while since my participation has been confirmed –

I still can’t believe it’s happening!

I’ll keep you posted about preparations.



Listen if you dare;)

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Had a great experience on the radio for the first time in my life yesterday, interviewed by Ian Noctor, on WLR fm – local Waterford radio station.

I didn’t realise just how nervous I was until I actually heard myself later that day.

After the interview, Ian Noctor showed me the consoles and explained a little bit about the process. He also switched the ‘On Air’ button on my request while I was documenting the experience. A radio lover like myself enjoyed it all thoroughly. I couldn’t stop looking around, peeping into each little studio as I walked along the corridor, carrying the lampshades in a bag.

What’s all that about ‘not having a telly at home’ I stumble on in the first sentence – you want to ask? – I just wanted to say not having a telly (though being internet dependent to the core), I listen to the radio all the time instead.

But I panicked when I saw the giant microphone in front of me and only gradually regained composure in the process.

Still, I’d love to do it more often!;)

Oh, and thank you for all the texts, phone calls and Facebook likes and comments afterwards!