My Etsy Shop!

Ladies and Gentlemen – welcome to my Etsy Shop! I’ve just added one of the 3 shop banners I was considering for the position. Here’s what I chose:

The other 2 will have to wait for their turn. Or would you choose differently?

The colourful graphics I used as background are photographs of kimono fabrics. And the Kimono Lamps logo was drawn by my wonderful and incredibly talented little sister Barbara, who happens to be a graphic designer.

An extract from what I wrote in the shop announcement: ‘Working with these fabulous fabrics it feels like I’m holding a piece of art – sophisticated and exotic as is the culture it comes from. So utterly foreign to my own background and the landscape outside! A shooting star from an outer space almost’.

Currently working on my first listing. All is new! And Springtime’s just behind the corner!

My Etsy shop: