Work in Progress

Postage and Packaging anyone?

Here’s what it takes to get your parcel safely to you. We’re probably missing one of me running to the nearby post office with it, remembering that they close for lunch. I forgot a couple of times…

If, however, you are marvelling at the wooden floor in the background instead, let me explain that despite looking more than rough it has a luxurious silken feel to it.

When we moved into this house (and the building is over 120 years old) we discovered these planks under artificial dirty carpet. We couldn’t believe anyone could have preferred it to wood. We didn’t!

It took an awful lot of work, copious amounts of dust and power tool noise (mostly belt sander) to uncover beautiful, clear raw planks. We stained  and coated them with fantastic waterbased Diamond laquer so now we can keep it clean easily and roll on it with Arthur.

…Or package your lampshade for you, voila!