Lay Rituals

Saturday Morning at Farmers Market – Cupcake Heaven and Knockalara Cheese Stalls

On Saturdays I stroll to farmers’ market to get my favourite strawberry cream cupcake and coffee. My husband & son follow.

In Waterford the farmers market is held in John Roberts Square. This is something I grew so looking forward to and yet has only started as a way of getting groceries for the weekend.

We get freshly ground coffee, cupcakes from the Cupcake Heaven stand or Granny Maddock’s, sit on the bench nearby and enjoy the morning. We later buy delicious cheese from the German cheesemakers Agnes and Wolfgang and fantastic round sourdough bread. We’re probably addicted to Eamonn’s Organic Eggs!

What’s your best local produce?


Let Them Eat Cakes!

My Birthday Tea Party invitations

Came up with the above after my first ever day at the races. Tramore Racecourse held a Vintage Tea Party event with make up, hair styling and much more. I had a pleasure to attend courtesy of Adam’s boss and we both enjoyed it immensely, winning our first ever bets due to beginner’s luck no doubt.

So now, my birthday approaching, why not celebrate it properly – I thought -with an outdoor party for friends with or without teddy bears – weather permitting of course. Found a venue (JFK Arboretum, Co. Wexford), confirmed spaces and took a short card making exercise at preparing these impressive yet only very little time consuming (due to clever design from Country Living) invites.

Instead of buying glassine bags I made my own out of parchment paper. For the envelopes I used brown paper meant for recycling and the colourful little teapots are cut out of some leftover kimono silk with pinking shears.

I couldn’t decide between vintage English or Alice in Wonderland/ Queen of Hearts party theme. So went in between and asked guests to come up with creative head attires, including rabbit ears. Looking forward to it now!

Vintage Tea Party at Tramore Races – loved the assorted Wedgwood fine china tea cups and saucers and champagne served in Waterford crystal glasses.
Photos by Vintage Trig and Tramore Racecourse

Made it to The Sunday Times!

It’s true! The first ever press mention and it’s already all over Ireland (and hopefully the UK)

It has made my day this gloomy, windy Saturday, when even my favourite strawberry cream cupcake (from Cupcake Heaven market stall in Waterford city) couldn’t. Someone sent me an e-mail enquiry about the lampshade they saw a week before in The Sunday Times home section. Imagine my jaw drop!

Don’t know about you but before I got married and had a baby getting out of bed to get the weekend paper to read it back on the couch undisturbed for the rest of the morning (while maybe feeling a little uneasy about still being single at the time) with fresh breakfast rolls used to be such a treat! One of those maiden lifestyle things you just can’t recreate later. That is the reason I so profoundly missed this much desired publication.

I investigated all weekend papers from the previous week in the Waterford City Library but it was neither in the Independent, the Examiner nor in the Irish Times. It finally dawned on me that it must have been the UK Sunday Times. Which wasn’t kept in the library. But a desperate facebook appeal sorted me quickly as Kimono Lamps fan Niamh Doherty had it. You’re looking at her copy scanned above.

And it’s all thanks to Dara Flynn, who’s also the general editor of House and Home magazine. I hope a couple of girls out there enjoyed their Sunday paper that morning. Because I certainly would have!

The Photoshoot

At the start of Spring this year I met Tanya Colclough of Eden Photography and approached her about having some photographs taken of the lampshades I made to date.

Couple of emails and texts later Tanya and I met in the Waterford Book Centre new cafe upstairs and discussed the issue further while devouring the divine cheesecake they serve with raspberry sauce and best in town flat white (a version of macchiato). Needless to say the author of this blog gorged the most.

All in all it has turned out to be a very fruitful photoshoot. The green lampshade above has been favourited by 8 Etsy users and has made it to 2 treasury lists so far. More images feature prominently on Kimono Lamps website slideshow (although slightly cropped there) and full size in our facebook page album.

Tanya did a great job and Kimono Lamps will be shown as part of the exhibition on kimono art in Japan later in this month. I wonder what will the Japanese think of them…

But that’s not all!

The best shots I’ve sent to the Dara Flynn – the editor of Ireland’s finest interiors magazine – House and Home. And guess what! – They’re going to be published in the next July/August issue!