Japonica ‘bring on Spring’! finds

japonica I’ve found myself drifting into spring already. My inner one, of course, with rain here and snow elsewhere. Last week couldn’t even drive back home stuck in a flooded village.

So, Spring!
Presenters of my favourite radio station ambitiously trying to bring it on with the right choice of music only to apologise profusely for unsuccessful attempts.

Here’s my spring selection: velvety black quite prominent in it, as well as colourful blossoms.

From top left:

If this hasn’t changed the weather for you, the good news is you can still run home from the cold and wet (like I did from the flood) and make yourself a cup of tea. In your own time, in your own space. With your book of the moment. Isn’t that what we find appealing about cold places? – The ‘tea, quick! ‘ moments – think all day lashing Ireland versus cosy fireplace; outdoor Sweden versus Ikea fitted apartment.

And that’s even before the biscuits!

If this post hasn’t yet, this sure will make you smile: click and enter your name to see what Swedish furniture would you be;-)


The Photoshoot

At the start of Spring this year I met Tanya Colclough of Eden Photography and approached her about having some photographs taken of the lampshades I made to date.

Couple of emails and texts later Tanya and I met in the Waterford Book Centre new cafe upstairs and discussed the issue further while devouring the divine cheesecake they serve with raspberry sauce and best in town flat white (a version of macchiato). Needless to say the author of this blog gorged the most.

All in all it has turned out to be a very fruitful photoshoot. The green lampshade above has been favourited by 8 Etsy users and has made it to 2 treasury lists so far. More images feature prominently on Kimono Lamps website slideshow (although slightly cropped there) and full size in our facebook page album.

Tanya did a great job and Kimono Lamps will be shown as part of the exhibition on kimono art in Japan later in this month. I wonder what will the Japanese think of them…

But that’s not all!

The best shots I’ve sent to the Dara Flynn – the editor of Ireland’s finest interiors magazine – House and Home. And guess what! – They’re going to be published in the next July/August issue!


My Etsy Shop!

Ladies and Gentlemen – welcome to my Etsy Shop! I’ve just added one of the 3 shop banners I was considering for the position. Here’s what I chose:

The other 2 will have to wait for their turn. Or would you choose differently?

The colourful graphics I used as background are photographs of kimono fabrics. And the Kimono Lamps logo was drawn by my wonderful and incredibly talented little sister Barbara, who happens to be a graphic designer.

An extract from what I wrote in the shop announcement: ‘Working with these fabulous fabrics it feels like I’m holding a piece of art – sophisticated and exotic as is the culture it comes from. So utterly foreign to my own background and the landscape outside! A shooting star from an outer space almost’.

Currently working on my first listing. All is new! And Springtime’s just behind the corner!

My Etsy shop: