Kimono Lamps named one of the top 10 lighting exhibitors of 100% Design by Achica Living!

It’s been a month since the exhibition and we are happy to say Kimono Lamps are now available from a design boutique in the centre of Paris. Paris, Paris Paris! And more shops still are ordering.

Kimono Lamps were also named one of the top 10 lighting exhibitors of 100% Design by Achica Living:

Trade fairs and exhibitions offer a great opportunity to test a product. We were positively surprised by the reaction to Kimono Lamps lampshades. Especially the warm reception from the Japanese visitors has been as marvellous as unexpected.

We talked to visitors from all over the world – from Norway and from Kuwait; from Germany and Hong Kong and we felt we provided a competitive product to other lighting solutions present and that we fitted in with our original offering. That bit of confidence gained in a hub of European design was priceless for a small creative business that we are.

Big thanks to all the kind bloggers who wrote about us!

Interest from bloggers during the show resulted in a number of blog post written from a dedicated lounge within the pavilion labelled ‘Bloggers Only’ where they could enjoy some peace and quiet to do their work.
Some examples that we are aware of in the English language include:

Short YouTube video showing at Kimono Lamps stand:

Apart from being included in the official 100% Design guide book, website and social media, in the run up to the event, Kimono Lamps were also featured in Scottish and Russian press.

We are looking forward to the printed interior magazines editions as these take longer to turn out – recently we were contacted by an Australian magazine editor for product images as a result of their colleague seeing our London stand.

While in London, every evening we had dinner in a different restaurant, so plentiful around Earl’s Court. While sampling Japanese, Indian, Thai and Italian cuisine we discussed the events of the day, before heading back – exhausted – to our hotel situated just minutes from the Earl’s Court 2 pavilion, its very tall windows overlooking a strange mixture of green and industrial space inhabited by a bunch of hyperactive English chipmunks.

Would I do it again next year? I’d love to. But yet I know I won’t. Partly because it was so perfect due to – no doubt – beginner’s luck, which may not be there next year. But another, more important reason will unravel shortly in the coming posts.