Japonica ‘bring on Spring’! finds

japonica I’ve found myself drifting into spring already. My inner one, of course, with rain here and snow elsewhere. Last week couldn’t even drive back home stuck in a flooded village.

So, Spring!
Presenters of my favourite radio station ambitiously trying to bring it on with the right choice of music only to apologise profusely for unsuccessful attempts.

Here’s my spring selection: velvety black quite prominent in it, as well as colourful blossoms.

From top left:

If this hasn’t changed the weather for you, the good news is you can still run home from the cold and wet (like I did from the flood) and make yourself a cup of tea. In your own time, in your own space. With your book of the moment. Isn’t that what we find appealing about cold places? – The ‘tea, quick! ‘ moments – think all day lashing Ireland versus cosy fireplace; outdoor Sweden versus Ikea fitted apartment.

And that’s even before the biscuits!

If this post hasn’t yet, this sure will make you smile: click and enter your name to see what Swedish furniture would you be;-)


More Tea Vicar?

Birthday Tea Party in Kennedy’s Arboretum,
Head gears required!;-)

Never have I followed the capricious Irish weather forecast as religiously as in the days leading to this little birthday tea party of mine. And in the end I was none the wiser! Only pure luck and the mighty oak that sheltered us from the recurring drizzle made the whole thing possible in Kennedy’s Arboretum.

My lovely guests poured in bringing good wishes and presents, each wearing a head gear – creative head attires were required – and there was a competition for the best hat.

Ballots were cast to a bowler and the winners were Hazel and Willie in their fantastic creations made out of a halved football with tennis balls attached on both sides for the green mickey mouse ears effect – just in time for the Wimbledon finals! Congratulations and thanks so much to you and everyone who participated.

Winners were awarded with a jar of divine apple & chilli chutney from Tastefully Yours also used generously in some of the tea sandwiches.

I have to say – it was all well worth the effort (what a hectic Sunday morning it was though trying to fit it all – and the baby! – into the car, and then unload, carry and unpack) to give myself a chance to wear this beautiful pink vintage veiled hat from Vintage Trig and indulge in Cupcake Heaven strawberry cupcakes.

Apologies Adam that I lost it the moment we were already late and you decided to yet get that latte at the petrol station for all the things I said to you then and would rather not quote here.

Thanks to Arthur for sleeping soundly the whole thing through under the tree and letting me enjoy the party – how considerate of you!

For anyone considering a similar sport  Рthese picnic benches are damn heavy!;-)

Let Them Eat Cakes!

My Birthday Tea Party invitations

Came up with the above after my first ever day at the races. Tramore Racecourse held a Vintage Tea Party event with make up, hair styling and much more. I had a pleasure to attend courtesy of Adam’s boss and we both enjoyed it immensely, winning our first ever bets due to beginner’s luck no doubt.

So now, my birthday approaching, why not celebrate it properly – I thought -with an outdoor party for friends with or without teddy bears – weather permitting of course. Found a venue (JFK Arboretum, Co. Wexford), confirmed spaces and took a short card making exercise at preparing these impressive yet only very little time consuming (due to clever design from Country Living) invites.

Instead of buying glassine bags I made my own out of parchment paper. For the envelopes I used brown paper meant for recycling and the colourful little teapots are cut out of some leftover kimono silk with pinking shears.

I couldn’t decide between vintage English or Alice in Wonderland/ Queen of Hearts party theme. So went in between and asked guests to come up with creative head attires, including rabbit ears. Looking forward to it now!

Vintage Tea Party at Tramore Races – loved the assorted Wedgwood fine china tea cups and saucers and champagne served in Waterford crystal glasses.
Photos by Vintage Trig and Tramore Racecourse