Postcard to you!

I think this lampshade made out of a beautiful wedding kimono silk in spring yellow, white and gold was particularly glorious and uplifting. Hope you’re all enjoying the long Easter weekend.


New Year in high resolution

…and best intentions. And hopes. Mostly hopes.

No low res images. Has to be looked into, seriously, as you must have noticed. A decent photoshoot. By the way, being me I can’t stop using the apps available for styling photos. For a long time I thought you can only alter your pics in Photo(yawn)shop, if you have no IPhone. It was only until I discovered you can actually play with them online using Picnik. That’s how I ‘adjusted’ my blog banner for example.

Hoping to post worldwide soon. Still looking forward to coming live as they promised but no. They’re probably working on their resolutions too. Oh, but their sample website looks so pretty! Alternatively I could start using Etsy. Or use both. I’ll wait and see.

But most of all I hereby resolutely announce to be a regular blogger!