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making kimono lamps

As one can imagine, there’s usually more happening in the background while I work. And I don’t mean just tea and lyric fm radio.

But just to give you an impression as to what it feels like, the mess is gone from the picture. Because I see nothing else once I start working. I’m smiling like a baby to the concept of a finished lampshade in my head.

Stitching kimono fabric to the frame and seeing the new lampshade emerging is the part I enjoy most about the process.

Each new creation is my favourite… until the next one leaves my hands!

My friend Agnes, the owner of Vintage Trig took these.

Thanks a lot!


More Tea Vicar?

Birthday Tea Party in Kennedy’s Arboretum,
Head gears required!;-)

Never have I followed the capricious Irish weather forecast as religiously as in the days leading to this little birthday tea party of mine. And in the end I was none the wiser! Only pure luck and the mighty oak that sheltered us from the recurring drizzle made the whole thing possible in Kennedy’s Arboretum.

My lovely guests poured in bringing good wishes and presents, each wearing a head gear – creative head attires were required – and there was a competition for the best hat.

Ballots were cast to a bowler and the winners were Hazel and Willie in their fantastic creations made out of a halved football with tennis balls attached on both sides for the green mickey mouse ears effect – just in time for the Wimbledon finals! Congratulations and thanks so much to you and everyone who participated.

Winners were awarded with a jar of divine apple & chilli chutney from Tastefully Yours also used generously in some of the tea sandwiches.

I have to say – it was all well worth the effort (what a hectic Sunday morning it was though trying to fit it all – and the baby! – into the car, and then unload, carry and unpack) to give myself a chance to wear this beautiful pink vintage veiled hat from Vintage Trig and indulge in Cupcake Heaven strawberry cupcakes.

Apologies Adam that I lost it the moment we were already late and you decided to yet get that latte at the petrol station for all the things I said to you then and would rather not quote here.

Thanks to Arthur for sleeping soundly the whole thing through under the tree and letting me enjoy the party – how considerate of you!

For anyone considering a similar sport  Рthese picnic benches are damn heavy!;-)

Each one is a book

One of the larger lampshades I’ve made flew to America recently escorted by the lady who bought it as a present for her sister. Made out of a very elegant cream fabric with champagne and pewter coloured flowers. I’m sure it’s found a lovely home.

When talking about kimonos I often get carried away out of excitement. They really seem to me more celestial than earthy. But talking to a friend recently I have realised I’m not the only one. Heading up for coffee we were talking about the kimono wearers – and the occasions. Here I am holding in my hands something commissioned for a wedding 30 years ago. How did the couple meet? Was the marriage happy? How many earthquakes has this piece survived? Aga said each fabric is a story, a book material. And I was jealous I didn’t think this thought first!

First Post!

First post and all I wanted to say escapes me… It’s Christmas Day 2011 and Kimono Lamps can already be found in Vintage Trig store in Michael Street, Waterford, Ireland. Courtesy of Agnes, the incredibly inspiring and stylish lady whose enthusiasm is highly viral. A couple of lampshades where purchased just before Christmas, one lives in Switzerland now, I’m still waiting for the postcard with update on how it likes it there.¬†

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